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London based cultband The Tiger Lillies together with the Kronos Quartet have recorded
The Gorey End project , which will be released on EMI Classics in May 2003.
The songs are based on lyrics by Edward Gorey.
Tiger Lillies' singer Martyn Jacques tells the following about Gorey:

While on tour I was told I had received a funny letter from someone
called Edward Gorey and he tought I was the "cat's pygamas". He said
he had a lot of unpublished work and in due course he sent it to me
in a large cardboard box .
It was with a great sense of honour I set about turning this work
into the collection of 13 songs you have before you.
He also sent me a stone in a saucer saying if stared at for long
enough it would turn into a frog.
Sadly I never got to meet him , he died just before I was due to fly
out for a visit but I hope I have captured something of his
wonderful and unique vision of the world.
I'm still staring at the stone . coordinated the recording and transfered the deal to EMI International.
The world premiere of The Gorey End will be on May 15th, 16th & 17th at the Lyric Theatre in London.

The only presentation of The Gorey End in Germany will take place at the Deutsche Schauspielhaus
in Hamburg on May 19th with the Tiger Lillies & Kronos Quartet.
In co-operation with Karsten Jahnke Konzertdirektion.



Berlin based NFP Neue Filmproduktion and their American partners Aid Association for Lutherans/Lutheran Brotherhood (AAL/LB) have been working on the development of a film on the life of Martin Luther for three years. Shooting wil start in april 2002 at original sites in Brandeburg, Bavaria, Italy and Czeck Republic. Actors will include Joseph Fiennes, Peter Ustinov, Bruno Ganz.

The english composer has been choosen for the soundtrack of the movie 'Martin Luther'. For further information please visit his official website serves as a music consultant to NFP Neue Filmproduktion in the areas of arthouse movies, documentaries.

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