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As the days get darker the circus moves into its winter quarters. The animals like it warm,
and some of them spend the whole winter sleeping. And the highly respected audience sits near the fireplace and dreams of reindeers and a stary, stary winternight.
The circus princess is still awake and leaves the quarters. The crash!crash!boom!boom! is tidely stored away, but she finds a silver bell and her ukelele. When she picks up the bell she suddenly turns into a magical snow queen. Softly and tenderly, like a snow flake, she wraps
her wonderful tunes around those who are still awake.
And makes them forget that itís raining cats and dogs outside, that it was colder on Easter,
and that, totally surprising as every year, christmass is just around the corner and they still donít have the gifts for their dear ones. At least they have a gift for themselves. An evening with the enchanting Gabby Young and her wide awake wights.
 Tour Dates 
 22.07.2017 Altdorf, MIA
11.08.2017 Lustenau, Freudenhaus
12.08.2017 Innsbruck, Treibhaus
23.09.2017 Worpswede, Music Hall
24.09.2017 Lutterbek bei Kiel, Lutterbeker
26.09.2017 Neunkirchen-Seelscheid, Kunsthaus
27.09.2017 Eupen (B), Jünglingshaus
04.10.2017 Ludwigsburg, Tonstudio Bauer
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